Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Owning the Earth - GEOSPIRIT

No one can own the Earth, it belongs to none. A fly on an elephant may think that it owns it, but for the elephant it does not matter, as many many other things land on it, in its life span of more than 100 years. Human beings believe many things, including ownership of parts of the earth in their life time. If we are intelligent and understanding, then facilitate other life on earth to live in happiness.

Human beings Live in between two extremes of Good and Bad. Being is a form of balancing between the two extremes. We love, hate, kill and eat the life forms. Attitude towards abiotic is even worst. Altered the nature in the name of development, and which is no more pleasing. Again plan to visit other natural places as tourists, to alter and destroy even those. Every creature loves it's place, but people are rarely happy where they live. If at all some people are happy that is because they never know that happiness can be even more.

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