Wednesday, December 24, 2008


GEO SPIRIT is about spirituality and development.

1. Being sensitive
2. Self realization
3. Interconnectedness
4. Love for all
5. Striving for change
6. One for all and all for one
7. Integration of good learning’s from scriptures / religions / beliefs /etc
8. Striving for Good Earth System Governance
9. Spirit of open source / creative commons
10. Integrity and freedom
11. spirituality for oneself and society

Earth is the most hospitable habitat for one and all living things. There has been harmony in the existing earth system, which is being shattered by one living thing called Homo sapiens. Since 4.5 billion years the was a continuous effort by all the non-living and evolving living systems to make this earth a living planet.

People are also spiritual, but his spirituality is applied mostly for personal benefits, except that few people thought about all, who are saints or mahatmas. The spirituality should grow from individual level to higher levels. The higher levels include all other living and non-living things existing on this earth.

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