Tuesday, July 28, 2015


Young children consider teachers are supreme and give them respect. Many children when asked what is that they want to become in life they say they want to be a 'Teacher'. If Teachers were asked about their Goal in life, they are puzzled. The profession chosen is not the goal, but the purpose and values around the act describe the Goal.

The teachers as adults if they are without a goal, how can they inspire the children towards a goal. And such teacher never would be able to explain what is a Goal. The child never gets to understand what is a goal.

Understanding the purpose of life at an early age gives more value to life. Children need not fix a goal. Goals can change in time and space for children, but after reaching certain age, say about 12 to 14 years of age they should understand what is a goal and strive towards it.

Spirit is a basic instinct which should be always active in ones life to achieve goal/s. Spirit is a precursor to goal.

Education is useful for Knowledge. Experiential Knowledge of children is very rare. In the modern education system the experience or practicals imparted to students is very little. This education system would not help a child to survive in nature even for a day. Education system creates a dependant human beings. The confidence levels of a child is low as far as survival skills are considered.

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