Monday, December 8, 2014

God is in everything...

During one of the Geo Spirit meets in the Nallamalai Forest area. A team of 15 people attending the Geo Spirit meet spent a night with the Chenchu Tribal people. In the morning the tribals were cooking breakfast using locally collected leaves (Devadaru plant) and other fruits. We all were hungry. We thought they would serve the breakfast immediately after cooking. But we were asked to wait for half an hour. They said that they would serve only after offering the food cooked to their gods. One of the persons has taken bath. Took the food (Prasadam) in fresh leaves and placed before the stones. These stones locally available in millions were simple slabs. Although they have no significant shape, but they pasted dots of Kumkum (red vermillion) of haldi (yellow turmeric) on them. They had specific names for each stone. If one of the stone is missing they would have identified another stone to start praying. There was a peacock feather adjacent to their 'GODS' and trees surrounding the place. There were just praying the stones and life around as God / Gods. Nature and ecosystem is real god for them, giving life and space. Ultimately their belief is that "God is in everything", including non-living things like stones.

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