Tuesday, September 2, 2014


A leader is not a leader. A true leader never creates emptiness when he leaves.  A leader only creates leaders. One cannot live with out the support of environment and also one cannot live for oneself. Many leaders appear as leaders, through creation of followers. There may be some leaders among followers. Through followers one might attain the stature of great leader. In the absence of great leader, there should not be chaos / emptiness. So, a leader only creates great leaders. A true leader need not be remembered. Achieving the common goal by all means is more important, rather than the personal means. A true leader only sensitizes and makes everyone equally responsible and the problem becomes our problem rather than my / your problem. The character, experiences and credibility of a leader is also important to cause great results. Loosing ego for common goals is OK. In every program and project creating leaders / motivating leaders should be a component. Everyone is a great leader, based on the size of the problem and the achieved results the potential is seen.

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